Which setting is better on paper.

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I just bought some PC3200 to run on my Gigabyte 8IE533 motherboard,
845E Chipset with a
Intel 2ghz Northwood.

I have two memory choices of 1:1 and 3:4.  The board does not support
PC3200 as
the highest cas# latency setting is 2.5, the bios doesn't include the
correct SPD settings for DDR400 memory. It won't run above 354 at the
max board settings of 2.5-3-3-7 even with voltage increase. People have
had success with the 1:1 setting just not the 3:4.

After extensive tweaking, the two optimum settings I can use with
stability are

2.0 @ 2.66GHZ  FSB 133 memory 1:1 = 266mhz  2-2-2-5


2.0 @ 2.5ghz     FSB 135 memory 3:4 - 333mhz  2.5-3-3-5

I am going to run some performance tests but am interested in anyone's
prediction on which
would yield the better overall performance.  I would guess that the
higher memory would increase performance more than the additional
166mhz.  But am not sure what the CPU FSB decrease from 533 to 500
would add to the mix?  The memory is not matching the potential
bandwidth anyway, correct?  So it would not make a difference?

Re: Which setting is better on paper.

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In most cases you'll see better overall performance with a higher FSB
and slightly relaxed timings.

Re: Which setting is better on paper.

CPU speed is king in most situations, but between these two configs I
think you'd be hard pressed to find much of a real world performance
difference..  You might see some benchmark differences when comparing
specific aspects of the machine but general performance (unless your
hardware gives unpredictable results when overclocked, which is always
possible) should be very similar between the two...

Not a bad proc overclock either way you look at it tho, 25% faster is
always a good thing.. :)


gglasscock@gmail.com wrote:
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Re: Which setting is better on paper.


 second setting is

2.0 @ 2.5ghz     FSB 125 memory 3:4 - 333mhz  2.5-3-3-5

Re: Which setting is better on paper.

Thanks for the feedback

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