What size water pump?

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I have an Intel P4 2.8 GHz and an ATI 9600 All-in-wonder GPU that I want to
I plan to use a water block on each processor.  My cooler is a small 5 cf
With a 3 gallon reservoir.  There is a 1/20hp compressor.

I am looking at Petsmarts web page.  They have a pump rated at 80 gal. per
hour for
$15.99 and another pump rated at 140 gal. per hour for $22.99.  The added
beauty of
my design with a submersable pump in the water reservoir I can simply add
ice if there is
to much load on the compressor.

I don't know the total btu's put out by these chips when over clocked.

Thanks in advance!

Robert Miller

Re: What size water pump?

Robert Miller wrote:
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Probably you will need liquid nitrogen cooling for that rig.

Re: What size water pump?

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I like the idea of cracked dry ice and isopropyl alcohol solution.

Both are cheap, but the risk and effort of that setup inside the CPU case is
more than
a little intimidating.  I assume the temp would be near 0'F if not colder.

I will need thick insulation, and likely other steps to prevent condensation



Re: What size water pump?

You put the isopropyl alcohol (99%)/cracked dry ice slush OUTSIDE the system
case and circulate a propylene glycol/water mix through it, then through a
water block on the CPU and back.

You do get a very low temperature - dry ice sublimes at - 78.5 C, 100%
isopropyl alcohol is a liquid above - 88 C (sorta a sluggish liquid at -78.5
C.)  A pound of dry ice requires 256 BTU of heat input just to go from a
solid at - 78.5 C to a gas at -78.5 C (that's 100 Watts input for ~ 45
minutes.)  Even over a long time period, if you insulate the piping, have
good exhange between the inside and outside of the system case, and place a
few stategic resistors near cold spots you can avoid condensation problems.

I've tried it, but didn't have that good a CPU to work with at the time
(Pentium III 1 GHz/100 MHz FSB.)  Publix supermarkets in South Florida were
selling dry ice for $1 US per pound.

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