What's going wrong?

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Hi all,

I can't manage to get my XP-M2500+ processor running at more than 200
x 9.5 00mhz!

I have built my PC out of specially chosen components so I can
overclock the processor 'to over XP3200 speeds'. As you can imagine
I'm getting frustrated with this situation. The PC just doesn't boot
with any higher settings. Hopefully theres a simple solution that
somebody is able to reveal to me!

In A7n8X-e chipset settings, I have fiddled with core voltage, bus
speed and multiplier - but don't understand what the other settings
mean and so I leave them alone :/

(I have had 166 x 13 =2,158mhz however I want to have a 200mhz bus to
make the most of my RAM!)

Asus A7n8X-e deluxe
2x 512mb generic PC3200
Zalman 6000
Radeon 9800pro
350watt standard power supply (used from older PC).

Thx for any help!!

Re: What's going wrong?

Just a thought....

Just a statement.......overclocking is not a guarantee, not ALL chips will
overclock, I got my Barton core 2500+ running at 3200+ speeds (fsb is @ 200)
but, I did not EXPECT it to do that.....I hoped it would as most do, but as
I said no guarantees! Have you tried a different chip just to make sure that
it is not your CPU that will not accept the faster speeds?
Good Luck,

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Re: What's going wrong?

Try a differnt CPU .... just to make sure that it is the CPU and not your  
setup....I would offer you mine to test with as I know it runs fine at 200  
MHz FSB that gives me 3200+ speeds, the Bios even reports the processor as  
an Athlon 3200+ CPU at bootup....but then I would have no computer :-(
Let me know if I can help as I have been an avid AMD overclocker since the  
old 486 days..........

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Re: What's going wrong?

with my Barton 2500, A7N8X-Dx rev2.0, Corsair twinx 1024C2PT..I finally
managed to reach 220 mhz..memtest and prime95 both pass..so am running at
220x10..performance is way better than 200x11..but my CPU seems to be
limited...can not pass 2250mhz..but still a good OC.Memory timings are

Re: What's going wrong?

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Hi all,

Thanks for your input - especially the offer of the trial CPU,
Bitsbucket ;)

I have taken advice and bought a new 450watt PSU, and will install
The label on my old, existing, 350watt PSU states that there is only
12A on the 12v rail... is this bad?  My new one states 20A!

Would this low ampage be the cause of the the system failing to boot
when increasing FSB speed to 200mhz?

Im hoping this should help my system loads, as I've read about better
3DMark benchmarks with increased wattage power supplies.

In case anybodys interested, its just an unbranded unit but does come
with 1 x 120mm fan, so am expecting quiet results. Cost 30 from a
components retailer in London. (I know, I know, but they didn't have
much else available in my budget!)

Will give you an update when all is installed and tested. From now on
I *hope* to achieve better performance, not *expect*   ;)

bye 4 now

Asus A7n8X-e deluxe
2x 512mb generic PC3200
Zalman CU6000
Radeon 9800pro
350w PSU (to be upgraded tonight).

Re: What's going wrong?

my PSU is an Enermax 465...it has 33Amps  on the 12 volt rail..low amperage
can cause all kinds of wierd things to happen..so it might be part of the

Re: What's going wrong?

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The new 450w PSU installed okay and seems to have made a world of

I have now reached my ideal overclock of 200 x 11 = 2.2ghz! *However*
its not stable at this setting (the system reverts back to desktop
when playing games) and so some tinkering with memory timings and
voltage needs to be done.

Core voltage is 1.7v and memory at 2.7v.  Is it safe to increase this
to 2.8v??

Another improvement are a drop in CPU temp to about 36 degrees idle -
could be the 120mm fan on the bottom of the PSU. Secondly a better
3DMark03 benchmark was achieved -  up about 500 points to
approximately 5700 points.

Oh, and its also quieter than my old PSU :)

I'll report back when/if i get stability! (don't have any spare time
lately *violins playing* but will try soon as possible)

Can anybody tell me a safe maximum cpu/motherboard temperature?? When
I put the side on my PC case, the temp rises to high 40's!

Asus A7n8X-e deluxe, rev 1.0
2x 512mb generic PC3200
Zalman CU6000
Radeon 9800pro 128MB
450w PSU

Re: What's going wrong?

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If the temp increases that much when the side of the comp is replaced then
it means that your case has restricted/bad air flow.  Punched/drilled case
fan grills are notorious for restricting air flow.  Some cases only have an
intake of about 1cm x 5xm on the bottom of the front panel so you will need
to open it up as much as possible.  If the panel is plastic, use a
hobby/stanley/exacto knife.  It would be a good idea to remove the front
panel to make the cut.

With the front panel removed, examine the front air intake in the case metal
work.  The fan grill in this area tends to be very restrictive to keep noise
levels down.  Use some snips/side cutters or a dremel to remove the grill.

The most important fan in the system is the exhaust fan mounted in the rear
panel of the case, near the CPU.  Front mounted intake fans don't add much
to the system cooling when used with a rear exhaust fan.

From my experience, if the case has the provision to mount two rear fans but
you only use one then taping up the unused hole will greatly benefit the
system as air will take the path of least resistance - i.e. the single
exhaust fan will be sucking in air through the other rear fan mount.

In my comp case, I have mounted 2 front intake fans and a side intake fan
and have found that they have minimal impact on system cooling as the case
has very good air flow.  My case had provision to mount an 80mm and 50mm
fan.  With both an 80 and 50 mounted the cooling was not bad but the 50mm
fan was LOUD so it was quickly removed, it also did not contribute much to
cooling.  The 80mm mount was enlarged to take a 90mm fan and this does a
great job of keeping the system cool.  In winter I even use my diode fan bus
to reduce the fan speed as the system does not need that much fan speed to
keep temps under control.  I rarely connect the front and side intake fans.


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