What is faster (on average)

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I know this is not a fair question - but...

What is faster - a system with a single AMD XP2500 processor or a
system with 2 Pentium III 833 processors...

Again - not fair but lets assume all other things to be somewhat
equal... (ie hard drives and ram and motherboard chipsets etc...) and
that it's general PC use - not a server or a programmer compiling large
programs etc... just average Joe Schmoe with Windows XP PRO -
websurfing, picture editing and occasional video (relatively small) in
something like video studio or pinnacle..

it's not a decision of what to buy - just more of what to do with what
I have access to.

Re: What is faster (on average)

~misfit~ wrote:
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That's the main thing about multi processing... It's not measurable, but
even my dual P2-300 'felt' more 'smooth' than my Duron 600, even though that
processor was more than twice as fast... The multiprocessing really make the
PC more responsive.


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