What Happened To Romo

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I don't know what to think of Romo.  Have to admit, I felt sorry for
him at the post game press conference.

Before he started his first game, I thought he would be a complete
failure as a starter.  Then, to my surprise, he was all world for the
first few games.  Got elected to the pro bowl.

But then, they played Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints, and the
wheels came off.  Lost 4 of their last 5 games.  Fumbles, dropped
balls, confusion.  Big smile on Romo's face through it all.  

Hugging his girlfriend for pictures, on the sideline, prior to a game.
That will stiffen up your passing arm, right there.  Those little soft
girlfriends can make your mind play tricks on you.  Might even confuse
the game plan a little bit.  Ahem

The loss to the Lions, with their 2 wins prior to the game with
Dallas, was unforgivable.  Romo fumbled the ball 4 times, lost 2, and
threw an interception.  

Then the playoff game that Cowboys fans had been looking forward to
for 3 years.  The Seahawks were there for the taking.  Injuries had
desimated their secondary.  Their great running back was still

That was one of the most pathetic, first half  performances between
two playoff teams, that I have ever seen.  I've never seen Hasselbeck
play that badly.   Neither team deserved to be in the playoffs.  Once
again, Romo fumbled 2 more times.

TO, Mr Everything, the player that was paid $10 million to take us to
the Superbowl, caught 2 passes for 26 yards.  That's for the entire
game, not just the first drive.

The other star wide receiver, Terry Glenn, caught 4 passes for 41
yards.  This, against second and third string defensive backs.

It looks like Romo and Roy Williams have a similar problem.  They will
both make a good play, followed by a disastrous play.

And Jerry Jones wants to stay status quo for next season.  I think
he's wandering around in a new, billion dollar stadium fog.

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