Watercooling and shutdown sensor

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Today I installed a "CoolerMaster Aquagate BIG" watercooler in my PC.
Motherboard: MSI KT3 Ultra2, processor: Athlon 2000+

The installation itself went just fine and a love the silence of the fan and
stability of my system running easily at 1.8 GHz without any problems (even
when the fan runs at the lowest position, the CPU temp. shows 42 C).

However, there is an option to connect the watercooling PCI-card to the
'shutdown sensor' of the motherboard. But... I can't find that sensor...

I only see the original air-fan sensors. Does anyone have a clue how to
connect the PCI card of the Coolermaster cooler to some kind of
switch/sensor of the motherboard, so when an detected alarm is reached (e.g.
CPU temp or cooling liquid temp) the PC will automatically shutdown?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

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