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I was in the market for a new video card. A friend told me to get a Radeon
9800XT if i could afford it. He said that these cards overclock nice. My
search on the net led me to many of these cards but the prices range from
$150 - $600. Anyone know how the same card could have such a broad price
range? If there are different types of 9800XT cards, which one should i get.
I bought Battlefield 2 and my 9200 just isn't cutting it. and i hear that
the card is locked and can't be overclocked.



Re: Video Card Question

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The 9800XT always was, and still continues to be overpriced. It performs
about 5% better than the 9800 Pro, and the 9800 Pro can almost always be
clocked to 9800XT rates with the stock cooler with no ill effects. Mine has
for over a year of use. A Sapphire 256bit 9800 Pro 128Mb can be had for
around $131US. A 6600GT is about $150. At resolutions over 1024x768, the
6600GT is superior.

Re: Video Card Question

If you will overclock your card, the perfect choice is the 6800LE. I
bought one for 120, which is about less then $130. When you unlock all
the pipelines and get a bit higher clock speeds you have something like
a 6800GT, and for a much lower price.

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