Unformat a drive??

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I know this is probably better asked in a appropriate group, but I
figured most people here know a thing or two (or 70) about computers
and have possibly done this very thing and would know how to rectify

I accidently formatted the C: partition on my hard drive.  Don't ask
me how, just consider it a stupid move on my part during a major
system upgrade and I'm irritated enough at myself as is...

In any case, I know there are tools out there that'll "unformat" a
drive..  Any in particular I could download or go purchase??


Re: Unformat a drive??

"The OTHER Kevin in San Diego" <skiddz "AT" adelphia "DOT" net> wrote in
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There's probably better options than this, no doubt someone will come along
with a better one.

If you have a spare drive, install windows on it (or add the drive to
another system) and run Avira UnErase Personal on the old C partition, this
should get you back most if not all of your documents.  I don't think it's
likely that you could recover the complete partition this way, (in fact I
don't know of a way to do it, but would be interested to hear about software
that can do this).


Recover your docs, photos etc and re-install.



Re: Unformat a drive??

On Fri, 27 Oct 2006 07:57:48 GMT, "Ian"

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I did a LOT of reading online last night and ended up purchasing
EASUS's Data Recovery Wizard.  $70.00  It managed to find about 40,000
files in some 1,200 folders.  A Lot of the recvoered data was stuff
I'd deleted a long time before, but it did recover all my documents,
user folders, all the stuff in Program Files and my bookmarked web
sites.  The only stuff I can't find is the data for my mail (Outlook
2000) but I'm sure it's there - I just need to dig a little deeper.  

Well worth the $70.00 IMO even if I can't find my e-mail data.

I'd been rebuilding from scratch on a new drive so apps and such would
be reinstalled anyways.  I was only concerned with my documents and

If anyone knows where the data files for Outlook 2000 (or what they're
called - I'm not using .PST files) might be, I'd appreciate it.

Re: Unformat a drive??

On Fri, 27 Oct 2006 08:52:27 -0700, The OTHER Kevin in San Diego
<skiddz "AT" adelphia "DOT" net> wrote:

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Found it all under a profile folder deep in the guts of the recovered

Re: Unformat a drive??

"The OTHER Kevin in San Diego" <skiddz "AT" adelphia "DOT" net> wrote in
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Glad to hear you got it sorted.  Regular backups are essential for anything
important, and ensure that the backups work by restoring a file or two on a
regular basis too.

Look at syncback http://www.2brightsparks.com/downloads.html#freeware for a
good freeware sync / backup program.



Re: Unformat a drive??

On Sun, 29 Oct 2006 11:33:09 GMT, "Ian"

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Most of the important stuff goes (I should say "went") to my server
which is backed up nightly to my tape jukebox.  

Now I've got all the machines in the house writing their docs and
e-mail data to the server so it'll all get backed up.  

What a PITA this was and the finger points directly at me for being a
dumb ass..  :)

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