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Is there any good applications out there for a novice like me to
underclock my system (noice reduction..)?

Im running a P4 3.1 on a shuttle.

Thanks for any help!

Re: Underclocking App

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P4 3.1? Is this the P4 3.06? In that case, it's a 3066 MHz processor, which
is running on a 533 MHz FSB. If you select to run at 400 MHz, it goed down
25%, to 2.3 GHz.


Re: Underclocking App

Thomas wrote:
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To say it in a more simple way: goto bios and find where you can set the
FSB (front-side bus) speed. See if you can manually set the FSB. If you
can, reduce it from the deault and get a slower system, thus making it
produce less heat -> less cooling needed -> less noise. OTOH, you'd also
either have to be able to  manually set the cooler to run slower OR the
system should do it automatically OR you could mod the cooler to do so.

It could also be possible to set the FSB from Windows, there are
programs like setfsb that can be used to set the fsb on the fly.

You could also swap your hot Prescott CPU to a lot cooler 2,4GHz 400MHz
FSB Northwood... accidentally I happen to have an extra one O:-)


Re: Underclocking App

On Sun, 29 Jan 2006 22:26:30 +0200, GinTonix wrote:

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Or you could use speedfan to under clock the FSB a small amount or just
slow down the fans.... but you might do better with bigger, slower, fans
120's ?

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