umm i think this is bad

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i recent ley downloded hmoniter and under voltage it is very red and
says plus
1.78 voltage is this a bad thing and mabe why i cant play
games on my moms comp


Re: umm i think this is bad

tornado wrote:
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In the example here, Core1 is at 2.93 volts. The Hmonitor program has
to know what is normal for a processor, and it is possible that if
the processor type is unknown to the program, it turned "red" for
no good reason.

For example, if your computer had a certain Pentium 3 processor,
the value of 1.78V would be OK. There are also certain early
P4 processors, where that voltage would be OK.

The thing is, there are few standard ways to communicate what the
correct value of things are, for programs like Hmonitor. Unless the
programmer does some research on the board, and identifies any quirks,
then it'll be more likely that the program is simply wrong.

You would be better off telling us what happens when you play a game.

To help, we need to know the make and model number of computer
(Dell Dimension 4500) or if the computer was built locally from
parts, the make and model of motherboard (Asus P4P800) and the
processor being used (P4 Northwood 2.8Ghz/FSB800/L2=512KB). You can
get a lot of info, with programs like Everest or Sisoftware Sandra Lite.
CPUZ from can also give a bit of info about hardware. The
video card model info helps too.

There are a bunch of game demos I cannot play on my computer, because
my OS is Win2K, and a lot of games want to see WinXP. So I've downloaded
a bunch of stuff, but not much of it works right. And all my drivers
are up to date, and older games play just fine.

If you see an error message on the screen, copy it down completely
word for word. There are a bunch of places to search, and having a
complete error message makes the search easier.


Re: umm i think this is bad

Somewhere on teh intarweb "tornado" typed:
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Fugeddabout hMonitor and use a real program like CPU-Z.

Also, are you sure you're allowed to be messing around with your moms
computer? They're called "/personal/ computers" (PCs) for a reason. You
wouldn't want to find the pics of her having nasty dwarf sex would you?
(Answer "yes" to that and you're in the wrong group.)


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