Trying to get rid of hum/buzz from old case

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OK first things first I'm not O/C clockingthe machine but wanted to post in
here as i know you folks know your stuff and I'm hoping some of you can help
me out.

I have an old Antec SX-1030 a simple review can be found here but i have upgraded power supply to there
TruePower II (550w)

Now for ages it was way too noisy for my liking so I replaced the stock 80mm
fans with x4 XILENCE Red Wing 80mm as a rule I'm
very happy with the fans themselves they make a huge difference in the
general noise (or lack of) of the case but I do keep on getting an annoying
buzzing /humming sound which is a real pain in the rear end as the case is
in my living room and only 2 feet from my ears when I'm at the desk using
it, it's not there all the time it comes and goes sometimes for just a few
seconds sometimes for hours.

So i went ahead and bought some more stuff hoping it would cut the noise
down even more and more importantly get rid of this buzzing noise,  which is
coming from one of the fans in particular so I bought some of these
AcoustiFeet as well as four of these AcoustiFan
Anti-vibration Fan Gaskets in 80mm format, but my
problem is still there, main reason being i was unable to fit these gaskets
to my case, if i show you some images of how and where my fans go you might
get more of an idea of what I'm getting at.

This image gives you an idea of what my case is like from side view, top
part has 4 external drive bay and in my case i have top one free one
underneath that has my standard DVD burner below that is free as well and
below that in the bottom 5.25" bay i have my main windows hard drive being
cooled by the "Antec Hard Drive Cooling System"

Below this we have a cage that has 3x3.5" drive bays (2 external and 1
internal) top bay is for my floppy (yes some of us still have them, they
till come in handy) middle bay is free and bottom one (the internal one) has
my hard drive in that is just used for items I download and hence no cooling
for that drive.

The last cage has a further 3 x 3.5" bays and all of these are internal and
have the option of fitting a fan, which i have done and I think this is the
fan that is causing all the trouble with humming and buzzing. I have tried
to find the best pics i can on the net showing how the cage is put together
and here are a few pics.

The first  image shows the cage from the rear, so you would put your drive
in here and push it forward towards the fan and the airflow would be coming
towards you in this picture, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about but I
want to make sure my post gives you all the info you need

This picture is the opposite as you look at this image it would be as if you
were looking through the front of the case, airflow would now being sucked
into the cage from this angle and hence going over the drives

This image is just the same as the first one but with a hard drive in place,
but in my case i have a drive in top and bottom slot of the cage .

Just to finish of things I have another fan in the bottom of the case under
the final 3.5" cage to improve cooling even more plus 2 fans at the rear
extracting the warm air, now given all this it would seem I have done all I
can to keep things cool and quiet except going water route and that would be
overkill for me given I'm not overclocking anything in this system.

I tried to use the 4 AcoustiFan Anti-vibration Fan Gaskets but once they
were in place my fans failed to clip into the purple holders that come with
the case, so i thought OK no problems just use the screws and screw it into
case but it seems I'm unable to do this, here's a couple of pics of the case
with front panel removed and

I'm at a real loss what to do next, I was looking at one of the following
bits of kit or or lastly but unsure if they would even work in my case.

I have tried to give as much information as possible, but if you need any
more info just ask and I'll do my best to supply it, so it's over to you lot
know what are your suggestions for trying to eliminated this annoying
buzzing/humming sound, if it would help I can even cap the noise and host it
somewhere so you get an idea of what I'm having to put up with.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

Re: Trying to get rid of hum/buzz from old case

Jim wrote:

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alt.comp.hardware  would be more appropriate, and there's more traffic
there too.

The only noise problems that I have had from my machines is from old
sleeve bearings on fans, which can be solved with a drop of oil under
the sticker, and vibration between parts of the case that loosely lay
against each other, which is usually resolved with a little jiggling
here and there.

One way that I've dealt with computer noise is to build an enclosure out
of acoustic ceiling tile with carpet glued to it. I superglued RV sewage
hose mounts to the back of my case and hooked up hoses to them to
provide an air-flow path out of the enclosure.

It works pretty well, but you have to make sure that those hoses are on
good and that your getting good air-flow.

Re: Trying to get rid of hum/buzz from old case

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First off have to say sorry for delay been real busy with other stuff and
not had time to dela with this (even though it's still doing my head in), ok
will try hardware posting in a while.

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This is what i think my problem is, i'm going to have a play with it next
week and try shoving (sounds good i know) some small things between the fan
and the cage, maybe somehting like a tiny bit of paper folder over or a
matchstick shaved down a bit something on those lines.

I'll post back and let you know hoe i get on

Re: Trying to get rid of hum/buzz from old case

Jim wrote:
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If you think it's a fan causing the vibration you try unplugging them
one at a time until you find the culprit and then replace it. Sometimes
the side panels will vibrate for no apparent reason and by applying
finger pressure around the case when it is humming might enable you to
identify the problem source.

Re: Trying to get rid of hum/buzz from old case

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Hi Hobo likewise sorry for delay in responding to you reply, it's not a fan
itself as i have moved fans around, it's the fan "location" that cools my
hard drives that is the problem not the fans themself, i have taken fan that
cools hard drives (and makes the noise, and moved it to bottom of case and
it's fine), as i told ShadowTek i'm going to have a play next week and i'll
let you know how i get on as well.


Re: Trying to get rid of hum/buzz from old case

Jim wrote:
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Thanks for the reply Jim. Good luck.

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