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Re: "Top Of The Line" HS & F ???

 : > Heat in the case: Besides the 120x which is in the core2 a newer and
 : > larger problem I'm running into now is dumping all of this heat out of
 : > the case with the q6600 and striker extreme (goes back to one of your
 : > first notes to me).  Antec P182 with one extra 12cm fan, too noisy on
 : > anything but low and between the actively cooled northbridge (aside to
 : > Ed: Pulled the SE's pipes and put two HR-09Us on the FETs and a HR-05
 : > on the southbridge and a Noctua I think it's a u12 on the northbridge
 : > -- the last two are hotter than you know what on Auto voltages.  And
 : > the FET heatsinks aren't long enough to cover all of the FETs without
 : > modding) it's like a sauna in the case
 : >
 : > Maybe I should be moving over to water so I can get the heat out of
 : > the case and a large enough radiator perhaps can be cooled with
 : > multiple large and quiet fans.
 : >
 :      I have a 120mm 3-speed fan on the top-rear (originally exhaust) that I
 :  reversed to blow in over the SE's heatpipe system and give a bit of cooler
 :  air to the small heatpipe cooling fan that came with the SE and that seems
 :  to help keep the NB and SB temps down within reason. A by-product of that is
 :  a bit more cooler air for the radiator fan and now I can turn it down to low
 :  also. The loudest noise in the system is really the water pump and it is
 :  just a very low hum. I have three of these fans all set to low speed and
 :  they are silent except for the whoosh of the air they are moving....... The
 :  third one blows across the two 8800GTXs. I may still see if I can find at
 :  least a water block for the NB......maybe even the SB too if I want to try
 :  and take this CPU higher since the cooling system is already in
 :  there.......:-).

Ahhh I like that turning the fan around.  That's probably all it

 :      Do you happen the know what the 'actual' default voltages to the NB and
 :  SB is supposed to be on the Striker Extreme? I know on most other voltages
 :  that the SE seems to supply more than the actual default voltages. Just for
 :  grins I lowered the speed on my Q6600 from 3.35Ghz to 3.25Ghz and found that
 :  it will run very stable at 1.27V vcore, which is a good bit lower than the
 :  'Auto' setting of 1.3-1.32V. Prime Benchmark 3.0 still gives me a score of
 :  23381 which is only slightly lower that the 23421 at 3.35Ghz and I can still
 :  score over 17300 in 3DMark 06. If you are not familiar with Prime Benchmark
 :  3.0, it is a small bench program that gives you a pretty good idea how you
 :  are increasing your CPU performance and it only checks prime numbers for one
 :  minute. It isn't a stress test, just a quick benchmark. It can be found in
 :  several places, just do a Google and you will find it.

I've seen the default voltages mentioned in forums but not from
official sources :( The only official source I've found is the nvidia
680i overclocking guide and it only calls out maximum voltages (found
http://www.nvidia.com/docs/CP/45121/nforce_680i_sli_overclocking.pdf )
that we're probably going to exceed at some point anyway

I've been using a program called "wprime" for impromptu benchmarking.
I'll look for the one you're talking about that converts it into a
usable score.  wprime simply reports an execution time for  its run

Re: "Top Of The Line" HS & F ???

Quoted text here. Click to load it

    Right now, the Q6600 is almost a "budget" processor for what it does.
http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=3534404 at 17743 is pretty good
and a major increase over the E6600 in 3DMark 06. Cooling it at idle is a
problem (I think) over the "E" series even with liquid. Stress temps seem
fine and where I would expect them to be at 50C or a bit over at 1.35Vcore.
I use CoreTemp and it just doesn't seem to read this processor as low as I
would expect at idle with all four cores close to 40C. Bios reads mid-upper
20sC for the CPU. I am not sure where the problem is, if there indeed is a
     I still have an I630 (3Ghz EM64T) running at 3.6Ghz and I keep it cool
(relatively.......:-) with a Spire HS/Fan unit which is actually an OEM
replacement unit that is just a bit bulkier but quieter than the Intel
counterpart. The copper insert finish was really nice right out of the box
so I didn't have to mess with any lapping. I got it at my local computer
shop for around $10.00 IIRC. It isn't fancy, but just very functional and
does the job. I bet it would do well with a C2D or Quad if it cools that
furnace of a processor.


Re: "Top Of The Line" HS & F ???

 :  sandpaper to start off.  It's as best as I can describe it a
 :  cylindrical hump about 1/8" high and 1/4" wide running the length of
 :  the base in line with the fins.  It's so pronounced that you're not

(nb, it wasn't 1/8".  It *felt* like it but it was closer to 1/32" to
1/16".  I really want to be fair here since that was the only physical
defect on this otherwise excellent heatsink)

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