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I'm interested in a Thermalright SP-94 to cool my CPU a bit more than
the standard socket 478 HSF.  I see from Thermalright's website that the
recommended 92mm fan is 55dBA and pushes 110.18CFM.  It does seem a bit
over the top, considering  that the recommended 92mm fan for the SI-97
is 30dBA and pushes 48CFM.

Now I know that these are two completely different heatsink designs, and
on two completely different sockets, but is a 55dBA fan really necessary
to cool the average socket 478 Pentium?  I don't intend on overclocking
the hell out of it, perhaps taking it from 2.6GHz to 2.8GHz at the most.
  Do you think it would be fine to use the 30dBA 48CFM fan?

Re: Thermalright SP-94

For a mere 7.5% overclock, especially for a 'Northwood', the standard retail
Intel supplied heatsink/fan should be more than adequate.  A 55 dBA fan is a
monsterous noise maker... that's as much noise as 128 of the 30 dBA rated
fans!  Or a bit louder than a conversation taking place 3 feet away.  At 55
dBA you are getting up into the bowling alley and light manufacturing area.

Of course, there is not a whole lot of standardization in how and where fan
manufacturers measure noise levels (some at 3 feet, some farther, some
nearer), so mileage may vary, BUT I wouldn't have a 55 dBA fan in my HOUSE,
much less in my system case.

Phil Weldon

Percieved loudness doubles for each increase of 10 dBA, sound power doubles
for each 3 dBA
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Re: Thermalright SP-94

I have this heatsink,  it is OK.  I am overclocking a P4 2.4 to 3.2 and at
100% load, it runs about 55C.  It is a little noisy at 3200 RPM with a 4"
92mm fan.

Re: Thermalright SP-94

"Heywood Jablowme wrote in message
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I think the SP-94 is a great P4 cooler.  I have mine set-up with a 120mm fan
hoovering over it (attached to a Zalman fan bracket)

Here is a pic:

Wayne ][

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