Thanks David M.

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The old Katmai is retired.

The link for the slot -T adapter and a 1.1GHz tualatin celeron now grace
this old box.

Thanks for your help.  The adapter has voltage jumpers on it, so went for
the tualatin and it runs great at 1.5.

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Re: Thanks David M.

pheasant wrote:
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Good to hear that. I still have a Slot 1 board here running a 1.4GHz
tualatin Celeron in a Slot T (and a couple 'retired' Slot Ts from other
combos, the tualatins siting in sockets now).

Now what you probably need is a PCI - IDE card as the on-board is probably
ATA33 and holding you up. Then, when you get that sorted, you'll strike the
SDRAM bottleneck. Not much you can do about that except make sure you have
plenty. :-)


PS. I have some of those 3,300uF, 10mm diameter caps on their way at the
moment. A good friend ordered me enough to do my motherboards from Badcaps
and then on-shipped them to NZ. I could get the other values I needed
locally. Wish me luck. :-)

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