Super pi mod 1.4.

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    Hi All,

Could someone post super pi mod 1.4.

A group is comparing results and they've chosen mod 1.4 to use as bm.
I've got 1.5, I don't think there's a big difference, but they want us
to post a screen cap to verify. I suppose I could get creative with PS
pro, but that wouldn't be honest!!!




I've checked around, all the threads to mod 1.4 are dead.

If you've got one that works, that would be great too!!

Re: Super pi mod 1.4.

Al Brumski wrote:
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Found it on Google:


Re: Super pi mod 1.4.

You da man!!!!!!!  (woman?????)

Thanks for looking for me,

I also did some Googles for this, but you were obviuosly were more

Thanks again,


On Sun, 9 Apr 2006 11:27:55 +0200, "Zulu" <> wrote:

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