Success, thank you!!!!

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I wanted to thank you folks for all your help!  David, Fishface, P2B, Phil,
misfit, etc..

The problem I had was that it was 2 problems!  Undersized power supply plus
the need to run the Tualatin at 1.55 volts - at least.

Swapping out the 145 Power supply for a larger one would still result in
BSOD - the Upgradware adapter locks the 1.2piii at 1.50v with a Vcore of
1.475, which happens to work fine in my Compaq.

Switching the Upgradware 370 for the LinLin adapter, even moving the jumpers
to a higher voltage of 1.55, still was not good without a larger Power
Supply- the Tully, I guess, needs more power.

Seems all I read here, plus what caught my attention at PowerLeap, held the
answer - their same adapter locks voltage at 1.55, not at 1.475 as
Upgradeware's does.

I got a larger Power Supply from New Egg- RaidMax 380 ($8 after rebate, not
bad!).   I also set the LinLin adapter jumpers at 1.55, which is what the
m'board shows, with a vcore of 1.52 and change...  (I have Intel Monitor).

I would imagine I could get creative and go up a little further, but I am
satisfied, it has been running steady for the past few days.

This has been a frustrating ordeal - 2 years... 2 years...

Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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