Soltek SL-75FRN-2 & XP 2400 Cant Overclock?

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Ok, Due to a friends upgrade I acquired a xp 2400 and went to newegg and
bought one of their bargain bin refurbed motherboards and some geil value
3200 memory thinking I'd setup a cheap folding machine/game server,
etc..(btw from what I can tell it was brand new, all stickers in place over
the cpu, agp, memory, ide, etc.. (lots of stickers) and  was a retail box
with everything in it,  $29 with $1 fedex

Heres what I got.
Sotek SL-75FRN-2
2 Geil Value Dual Channel PC3200 256mb memory
AMD XP 2400 Thunderbird -b Stepping aiuhb0317pmwb (appears unlocked in mobo
bios) motherboard manual says if cpu is unlocked changing the multiplier
will be an option, if locked, it wont appear. Its there.

Heres the problem.
When it boots with cmos cleared it shows it as a xp 1700 running at 100mhz
FSB with 200 mhz memory speed dual enabled.

Ok, thats cool, I just change the fsb to 133 mhz and that will get my 2.0ghz
(1995 actually) and its ok if I leave my memory at 133mhz,  I've even got
the memory to run stable at 166mhz, but I cannot get 200mhz out of this
memory on this board with the FSB is at 133mhz. Keep in mind it would run it
at 100mhz with it set to a 1700.

I can not overclock the cpu at all, even though it appears unlocked. I try
bumping the FSB up to 140 and it wouldnt even post. I'm a little
disappointed considering my xp 2500-m is a monster overclocker. 12 X 212 fsb
@ 1.85
Anyone got any ideas on what to check first? Board seems to run ok at
factory settings with memory @ 166 mhz.
I've never used geil memory or a soltek board, I've always used mushkin and
micron and abit for past projects and they have served me well.  Comments
please. Am I doing something wrong? BTW once board fails to post, I
sometimes have to clear cmos 4-5 times before it actually clears and posts
again.. i know, strange.

Where should I look, Memory, CPU, Motherboard itself? I know I need a better
heatsink, but I'd thought I'd see what the cpu would do, before spending
anymore money on an upgrade. btw I do have a alpha pal 6035 I bought 4 years
ago in a box somewhere, Do you reckon that would cool this 2.0 ghz cpu?

thanks guys!

Glad to see Phil still hanging around,  hope everyones doing good!

Re: Soltek SL-75FRN-2 & XP 2400 Cant Overclock?

I have read somewhere that I did not remember only Xp2500 Barton cpu are
unlocked. This is the CPU I am using. I can oc to 3200 with FSB 192 and CPU
speed at 2.13Gb. Before you do anything, I suggest you use an Xp2500 Barton
in your setup to see if your mb can do any ocing.
F. Hui

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Re: Soltek SL-75FRN-2 & XP 2400 Cant Overclock?

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It appears you have a Thoroughbred B model 2400.

Best option is to keep the RAM speed in sync with the CPU FSB.

If the multiplier is unlocked, first set the multiplier to 12, leave the FSB
at 133.  If it boots, try 12x166 or 10x200 (multi/FSB). You may need a
little extra voltage to the CPU and/or the chipset.  If that works then up
the FSB a little at a time.  You should be able to get a higher CPU speed if
you start with 12x166 than if you started with 10x200 due to the RAM
limitations.  If you can get the CPU to 12x175 (you probably would have had
to boost the CPU voltage to around 1.7-1.75V to get that far), you could
then try 10.5x200 and experiment some more.

Your 2400 is about the same age as my 2000 (12.5x133, 1.60V) and I read on
the AMD site just after I got my CPU that the CPUs should be OK up to 1.85V.
Using 1.85V as the limit, I found I get my CPU to higher speeds using higher
multipliers than I could with the highest FSB speeds.  That is, I could get
it to about 2200MHz using 12.5x175 or 12x183 but only about 2100MHz with
10.5*200 or 11*190.

I could certainly set my CPU at 11x200 and it would run OK but it needed
nearly 2.0V and I was not prepared to go that high.

To test stability, I use Prime95 torture test #1 for the CPU and Memtest86+
for the RAM.


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