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Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but if it's not, maybe
you can point me in the right direction.

I'm trying to replace the cooler on my old Medion P4 2.53ghz system with
a quieter one.

It's a socket 478 system - the socket itself says mPGA478b.
It has the black cradle type mounting with two metal lever arms  (as
opposed to clips)
Here's a picture of it -

So, I bought an 'Asaka AK-675' from Maplin, but it wont fit the socket
mounting.  The heatsink is a little too short and a little too wide.

So, can anyone give me any advice or point me to a nice quiet heatsink
that will fit but is not mega expensive.
I was thinking about a passive one, but the only other fan in the case
is the PSU one, so maybe there's not enough throughput.

I'm hoping make this nice and quiet as it's used in my front room to
play BBc iPlayer videos and such and at the moment, the sound of the CPU
fan is very offputting!



Re: Socket 478 cooler help

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Believe it or not, the stock heat sink and fan is pretty good.
It's also quiet, and does a pretty good job. You don't hear it at
all really. The psu fan(s) make more noise.
You can even overclock pretty far with the stock cooler.
Mine went about 500MHz over.
Only difference is I had the Pentium 4c
Your total speed to me suggests a Pentium 4b @ 533MHz FSB...

I hope this helps..


Re: Socket 478 cooler help

Fievel J Mousekewitz wrote:
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Thanks Fievel...

Actually, the PSU fan on my Medion is nice and quiet, it's the cpu fan
which is horrible and noisy!


Re: Socket 478 cooler help

Man_Mountain wrote:
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You can replace the retention bracket on the motherboard, with a
standard one. For example, the Abit store sells one (bottom item).
I wish the picture on the site was clearer - it looks like the
retention bracket is secured with nylon push-pins, rather than the
screws depicted in your picture. You may be able to reuse the
screws and part of the structure on your existing installation.

The next issue, is clearance from the CPU socket to the power supply.
For example, Zalman shows how much clearance is needed, when using
their CNPS7700 round heatsink (about 1 inch from retention bracket
to power supply casing). Depending on how large a heatsink is, in
the X-Y plane, will determine whether there is sufficient clearance
to the power supply. Their CNPS7000 is a bit smaller, and less
clearance is needed for that one.

This example is 6" tall, but the X-Y dimensions are not that big.
The heatsink uses four hooks, so needs the standard S478 retention
bracket with the four "eyes" on it, to hook to. Some cases are
not wide enough, or a side duct has to be removed, to make room for
it. Otherwise, the performance of this heatsink should be
pretty good, as the fin spacing is wide enough for low velocity

You can have a look in the Newegg S478 collection, and see
other examples.

But I wouldn't spend the money on the new heatsink, until
you have a standard retention bracket in place.

Some heatsinks may come with hardware to replace the standard
retention bracket, in which case you are spared having to
find the retention bracket. But for any of the heatsinks
that rely on the structure in the four corners, then you'll
need to make sure whatever retention bracket you use, can do
the job.


Re: Socket 478 cooler help says...
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 For the record, I've never seen or heard of this brand. I've went to
their website /

 but they want an identification number to download a manual.
< idiots >

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 This appears to be a mount used on 1U serverboards. They take
coolers that look like this:

 as far as I can tell. Server coolers tend to be noisy since nobody
cares about noise in a server room.

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 You may want to look into changing the mount, if you can.
Then you would have a wider variety of coolers to work with.

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 The rule of thumb is the bigger the fan, the slower it turns to put
out enough air to cool the cpu. So you want to put on the biggest one
that will fit your motherboard and case.

 Something like this:

 Rosewill RCX-Z200 92mm Ball CPU Cooler if you can find a mount to go
with it would be prefered. Then put a fan controller on it

 and adjust the fan speed to where the noise is acceptable while
still adequately cooling your cpu.

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Re: Socket 478 cooler help

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I should've read that better. That thing almost looks like my xeon mount.

I'm unable to get rid of those heat sinks and fan though, I'm still using
I like them coolers someone listed, but it's probably not enough for this
dual xeon.

Fievel.   ;-)  :-)

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