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I took two of my four sticks of RAM out to try to enable SLI memory but when
I do my overclock disappears on my Striker Extreme.  Why?  It does give
options in the BIOS CPU OC 0, +1, +2 all the way up to OC MAX but does this
mean it will overclock itself.  How?



Re: SLi memory

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I don't even know what the advantage of SLI memory is, but if you overclock
the Striker Extreme (or any other 680i MB) it is always recommended to
disable it.


Re: SLi memory

'Dumbo' wrote:
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SLI memory means nothing technical about overclocking.  It is just a
marketing term nVidia came up with to name "SPD extended information" on
DDRRAM sticks.  This extended information (if present), is a set of
overclocking parameters for the DDRRAM sticks (voltages, timings, clock
speed.)  When you enable the SLI memory, IF the extended SPD information is
present, it is used to overclock the DDRRM sticks according using parameters
set by the DDRRAM manufacturer, so, naturally, you can no longer choose your
own DDRRAM overclock parameters.

You've also asked a separate question (BIOS CPU OC 0, +1, +2), but I leave
that as an exercise for the student.  Sort of like the exercise you could
have done with your fingers to search this Usenet newsgroup for "SLI Memory"
or used Google for the Internet.

Phil Weldon

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