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I have had vista up and running for months but my score is held back by the  
HDD.  When I had it on a 160GB Maxtor it scored 5.2 so the advice I was  
given was to go to SATA from IDE.  I purchased a 500GB Hitachi SATA2 drive  
but the score only improved to 5.3.  After a bit of research I discovered  
that the drive normally sets up at SATA1 speeds and needs to be reset using  
the software provided at the Hitachi website.  I did this and made a  
bootable CD and used it to set the drive up at it's maximum throughput but  
this made no difference.  It still reads at 5.3.  I put up with this until  
now because I am running out of free space and need some more.  Do I buy a  
USB 1TB device at USB2 speeds or purchase a 1TB Samsung f1 internal drive.
Will the boot time be decreased any?  I am running a Q6600 at 2.8GHz on an  
ASUS Striker Extreme motherboard with 4GB of PC6400 ram.



Re: Silly HDD question says...
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 The only way I know of to get a high <5.9> reading with Vista is to  
run two fast SATA II drives in RAID 0, if your MB can do that.

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 That's a throughput of 30MBs or less. That's slower than what you  
are now running.

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 That will increase your storage but do little to get above 5.3.

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 Probably  a couple of seconds. What's the big deal with boot time?

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