Recomended 1156 processor?

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I'm hoping to take the big jump from my old AMD 4200+ to an all new
architecture, intel based of course, soon and hope for some help and input.

I aim for the Asus P7P55D-E motherboard and will have to settle for PC1600
ram (hopefully better).
GFX card will most likely be a NVidia GTX260.

The big question is what CPU to chose? As it's aimed as a gaming rig
internal gfx is out so no i3, not sure3 I have any use for that
virtualization stuff so no need for i7, leaving i5. from what I've gathered
it's better to go for a faster dual core than a quad core as game doesn't
realy scale with multicores anyway yet.
What do you suggest as a good gaming CPU out of the current i-range out of
the box that can also handle some air cooled overclocking (nothing extreme
but enough to get some extra value for the money)? What do you think is the
current best value for money?

Any other suggestions? (I assume ram will be debated and that faster ram is
good, but what would be the sweet spot there value/money?),


Re: Recomended 1156 processor?

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I just went through this in January.  I went with the ASUS P7P55D EVO
because of its 'next to the top end' design, as I always like to purchase
the 'sweet spot' which is usually one down from whatever is the best unit in
the line.  I like its expansion layout, lots of room for boards, and pcie-16
for my video, and pcie-4 for my tuner card.  I also like the power regulator
setup, multiple USB ports, and sata ports.

I went with the Intel Core i7 860 cpu because it is one down from the
fastest cpu available for the P7P55D LGA1156 board at 1/2 the cost of the i7
870.  I also like speed steep technology and multi-threading capability,
giving me 8 threads running at the same time.  I run a ram/cpu usage gadget
on my desk top and enjoy watching all 8 threads work out.  I have also run
CPU-Z and watched it speed up and down depending on what is running.
Personally I don't think the i5 or i3 have anything as fast or capable as
the i7 on the market so far.  But, I can always slap one in down the road if
one comes out that interests me.

I went with two sets of Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600 ram 4gig kits.  They are
fast timing ram, and allow me to play with over clocking when the desire
comes to me in the future.  In the mean time I have no problems with the
system booting up each and every time.

I also purchased a new power supply, a Corsair CMPSU-750TX, a 750wt power
supply.  It has a single 12 volt rail, and lots of power for those critical
milliseconds during power up sequence.  This is usually where people have
problems with no-boot failure.  So be sure you have a good power supply with
that system.

I purchased a Western Digital VelociRaptor 300gb 10,000 rpm HD.  I have put
all the OS and programs on this HD and all the data files, images, photos,
music, and video on a 1.5tb Samsung Greed hd.  The VelociRaptor is one of
the fastest and reliable HD's on the market.  I just don't think SSD is
ready for prime time as of yet.  I've read to much failure and high prices
for SSD for me to make the move to it.  Perhaps in the next upgrade cycle I
will go SSD.

I went with Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit for the OS.  I don't know why, their
isn't much included in Ultimate to make it worth the extra money over 64bit
Home.  Rather disappointing actually.

All this went into my existing Antec Sonata case that had dual DVD's, card
reader/floppy drive - forget the floppy drive, the mobo has no floppy drive
port. Nice layout, runs quiet, and a good front I/O connector.  This is the
third upgrade this case has seen.  No one knows what is under the hood
anymore except me, I've had this case for 6 years now.

A month later I finished my upgrade purchasing a Sapphire HD 5850 1gb GDDR5
Video Card with ATI Eyefinity.  I went down one from the 5870 and saved
around $150.  I like this board a lot, it is fast, runs anything I throw at
it, is DX11, and has Eyefinity when I want to run 3 monitors on the system
down the road.

You got to love specifications to go through all this.  It can sometimes be
a pain in the ass too.  Not all systems work well at first and require
'tuning'.  But is a lot of fun for those who enjoy this type of hobby.



Re: Recomended 1156 processor?

William wrote:

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I'm aiming for basically the same mobo, although the newer version "-e" that
has the new USB and SATA ports. Sticking to the base version though as cost
cutting is a big concern unfortunately.

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I don't think the i7s have anything I need badly enough to splurge the extra
cash on it and hope that the 750 will OC enough to make up for any dpseed

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But isn't 1600 ram the low end of what it supports? I thought for sure tha
one category in a iX system NOT to save on would be ram as the controller is
internal in the cpu, the faster the ram, the faster the system??

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I have a fairly new Corsair 650W and won't SLI so should be fine.

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I wouldn't mind SSD, but can't afford it, the new system will have to use
inherited sata disks from my old system.

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Got  a free legit copy of W7 Home premium 64bit so OS choise was easy ;)

Re: Recomended 1156 processor?

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. . . . and the i860 can be OC to exceed any i5/i3 you are looking at.  That
is one advantage that speed step has over the i5/i3 series.  The i860 is
rated at 2.8 Ghz, but speed step technology will run the processor from 1.4
Ghz up to 3.46 Ghz without external overclocking.

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No.  The i7 870 /860 are rated for DDR3-1066/1333.  At least that is what
Intel's specifications state.  To get to DDR3-1600 you have to have a board
and BIOS that supports OC, which the P7P55D EVO series does automatically
for 1600 once the correct voltage and XMP mode is selected.

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You are not missing anything.

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Re: Recomended 1156 processor?

Unless you live near a Microcenter a i5 750 and put the $100 you saved
towards a better video card.

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