Random Shut Downs, "CPU Failed due to Overcloking"

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Ok recently my computer has been randomly shutting down when it starts

When I reboot my computer a voice comes on my speakers and says:
failed due to system overclocking."

I have never overclocked my machine.

began looking around and noticed in display properties there was a
MSI Clocking
tab I haven't seen before that had clock controls in

There was no way for
me remove this problem that I could tell.
Did my system automaticly clock its

What do I do.

My vid card is a 6600GT Geforce Starforce.

What could be
causing these problems?
What can I do to fix it?

Re: Random Shut Downs, "CPU Failed due to Overcloking"

Buy another card and this time don't overclock it!

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Re: Random Shut Downs, "CPU Failed due to Overcloking"

In your bios settings, do you have your system timings set to aggressive?
Which automatically over clocks everything by a small amount <usually
5-15%>? Depending on your mobo/bios try setting your bios settings to normal
optimal or what ever stock speeds are. Otherwise, you may have gotten a chip
that was miss labeled <some vendors will sell a CPU at a faster rate than
its stock speed> IE, my cpu is an athlon xp2500, if I set it to an athlon
xp3200 it boots up as a 3200 says its a 3200, not an overclocked 2500. Get
my point? If your CPU IS an AMD Athlon XXX and someone sold it to you as an
AMD Athlon YYY, you dont think you're over clocking it.... because that is
what you thought you bought... Its a nasty trick, but some cheap bastards do
it to charge more for lesser chips, and it usually works, until something
like what is happening to you happens. I dont think your video card would
have anything to do with your CPU failure....
Good luck :)

AMD Athlon XP2500 @ 3200 190 FSB 1.7v
ATI Radeon 9800 pro
1gb Geil PC3200
350gb SATA Maxtor @ Promise RAID 0

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