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I have a problem with two hd Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 160gb ata/133 in raid
0 configuration.
I have an Asus P4C800-E De luxe motherboard with the Promise PDC20378
All is gone ok for six months then, last evening at the boot I had a message
that told me that one of the two disks was off line.
There is anybody can help me!!!!


Re: Raid 0 off line

"Geronimo" wrote in message...
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Oops. Have you checked to make sure both disks are still powered, and that
the connections to the motherboard are still good? You may find that the
problem is simply a loose connection.

If both disks are still spinning, is either of them making any unusual
noises - clicks, whirrs or suchlike?

Have you used Maxtor's diagnostic utilities to check both disks for
functionality and error-free condition?

If one of your disks has failed, you will have lost the information on the
entire array. In this case, I hope you have a recent backup to restore from.

Richard Hopkins
Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
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Re: Raid 0 off line

In addition to the information from Richard Hopkins, this -
recovery utilities that work with RAID 0 exist, for use when the array is
corrupted, but the drives are still more or less operative.  If part of the
structure is corrupt, these utilities can attempt to repair the structure
and/or recover data.  Unless you have irreplaceable data, the gain may not
be worth the pain.  Some of the publishers have freely downloadable demos
that are limited in some way (such as a file size limit of 64 Kbytes), but
that might at least give a clue to the chances of recovery.  BUT, if
something went wrong once.....

Phil Weldon

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Re: Raid 0 off line

Let us know how you make out>
Could you recover from the error, and how?
Good luck.

Phil Weldon
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