Radeon X1650 bios mod - Help please

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Hi @all!

I hope I'll receive answers by overclockers even if this message is a
little OT.

I've a Radeon X1650 Pro AGP with fan always @100%. :-(
In Windows I'm using Atitool and the video card is really noiseless...
But in Linux there are no utilities to set lower fan speeds :-(

So I'm thinking to flash the video BIOS.
I could use Rabit to open the bios from EEPROM and change it.
Then I could flash my video card by ATIFlash 3.25 (Rabit can't directly
flash the video cards).

I compared the bios obtained by AtiFlash to the one obtained by Rabit:
they should be identical... but they aren't.

So I'm not sure it will be a safe flashing...

What do You think?

The video card is no more than 3 months old... I'll greatly appreciate
any suggest.

Thank You and Best Regards

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