Question Re Over/Underclocking a SuperMicro P6DBE

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The P6D series has a 100MHz FSB and will take two PIIIs or PIIs.
CPU/Bus ratios are set by four jumpers on the mainboard.
The possible ratios range from 3 to 8.

I want to install and run a matched pair of Intel PIIIs,Slot 1,
933MHz/133MHz. Intel has locked their CPU/Bus ratios at 7.

Several questions;
1) What is a good choice for setting the CPU/Bus ratio
with the four mainboard jumpers?

2) Since Intel has locked in their 7 ratio, is the mainboard jumper
configuration/choice irrelevant and ignored?

3) Because 7 x 100MHz FSB=700MHz, will the PIIIs run
at 700MHz instead of 933MHz? In other words Underclocked?

4) What other problems/issues might occur with this approach?

TIA for any advice, Lew R

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