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Re: Q6600 "safe" temps?

Somewhere on teh interweb Paul typed:
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Hmmm. I have RMClock here, and installed on my E4500. I just didn't think to
install it on the Q6600 as it tells me nothing on my rig that the other
utilities don't already tell me. Except throttle I s'pose, and as my rig
runs at 50 max it never throttles. Didn't think to run it on that rig,
didn't want to clutter the systray with *three* icons. (What's up with that

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Yeah. In New Zealand we're not spoilt for choice and we don;t have fiercly
competitive suppliers such as folks in the US enjoy. I read good reviews
about the Big Typhoon (one review site used it as their reference when
testing other coolers). The rheostat (?) is on full throttle, it's moving
some air.

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Thanks for all that.

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Just not so much if you live in NZ. US suppliers either won't ship or
shipping is more than the item and Australian suppliers are similar. To get
my ThermalRight bolt-thru kit I had the local agent get me one in from
Taiwan. There just isn't the variety here.

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His case has two 120mm fans exhausting from 'under' the Big Typhoon;


Still, though, as I ran Prime, I watched the cores/case temp climb for the
first few minutes until it stabilised after about 5 minutes. It could do
with btreathing better. More inlets into the case would be suitable, I've
suggested he get a 120mm hole cut in the case window and mount a fan
directly above the cooler fan and duct it. That would really improve it.

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That's a beast of a fan. I have a few fans here similar (120mm x 38mm) only
three bladed. I can't find one of the aluminium framed ones at the moment
(and flatmates asleep) but I did find a plastic one I have a couple of.
Nidec Beta V (TA450DC). It appears to have a small thermistor sticking out
from the motor body so I assume is self-throttling. It'd have to be, it's a
powerful beast. It actually has "Made in U.S.A." on it.

Ahh, here it is, seems it may have come from a Dell or Compaq server:


I might try fitting it to the Big Typhoon. :-)

Cheers Paul,

Re: Q6600 "safe" temps?

~misfit~ wrote:
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I see on that web page it is rated at 130CFM max, and only draws 0.8A.
Pretty impressive :-)

The problem with heatsink design, is finding a compromise between total
fin area in square inches, versus fin spacing. Scythe, for example, tends
towards the "wide spacing" idea. Fitting a more powerful fan to a Scythe
means that the fan doesn't have to deal with as much "arrestance". Some
of the heatsinks with tighter fin spacing, result in more square inches
of cooling surface, but the fan also has to work harder to push the air
through the fins.

Fans have a "load curve" (I don't know the proper technical term for it),
which shows the flow rate achieved as the path to flow becomes more
resistive to that flow. Some fans (like the fan in your vacuum cleaner)
can continue to push air, even when there is a lot of resistance. But
that comes at the expense of noise.

Still, it should be interesting, to see whether you can squeeze a 10C
reduction from the Typhoon, with a bit more air.

As for the supply of computer goodies, things in Canada aren't a lot better.
A lot of outfits in the States, don't sell to Canada. So, if there are
bargains, it is harder to access them. If I had to go mail order, there
is ncix.com , which is as close to a Newegg as we'll get. Local shops
continue to die out, and just last week, I drove to one, to find the
doors closed. I don't want to live in a place, that only has a
Best Buy, but it may come to that.


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