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Hi. I'm interested in overclocking my quad core Q6600. Any usefull tips or
links would be greately appreciated.
System sepc:
Intel quad core Q6600
Asus striker extreme
OCZ 4GB gold 2x2GB DDR2 800
GeForce 8800 GTS
nice Asus cooler keeping my idle temps to around 30C

Re: Q6600

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    I have the same board and the Q6600 (G0 stepping) liquid cooled and can
get it up to 3.5Ghz with a lot of Vcore......too much really. I run it 24/7
with the Vcore on "Auto" up to 1488fsb (3.35Ghz) but it seems to take a ton
of voltage to go above an fsb of over 1500. You should be able to go to 3Ghz
easily with just the stock cooler. Remember the "actual" stock Vcore on this
processor is around 1.24v or so. The Striker Extreme will give it up to 1.3v
on auto if it needs it for stability so start on Auto and see how far you
can go in small steps with the fsb. I would not recommend a Vcore of more
than 1.35v with air because they start heating up a lot about there. Keep
your memory down very low while working on the processor OC to keep it out
of the equation and work on that later. Good luck and keep us posted on your

Ed Medlin

Asus Striker Extreme
2X EVGA Superclocked 8800GTX SLI
Mushkin Extreme PC9200 2x1gb
4X SATAII 500gb WD
PC P&C Silencer 850w PSU
Swiftech Quiet Power 180 Liquid Cooled Case

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