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You still reading here buddy?

I just wondered if you've had any trouble with your MSI 6163 Pro IDE
controllers? I have two boards that I'm currently using, been using then
ever since they had Celly 400's in slockets, now thay have Tui 1.3 and 1.4's
in Upgradeware slot-T's in them. However the IDE controllers seem to be
playing up. I've had to fit a controller card in one and it seems I'm going
to have to do the same in the other. Just wondered if you'd seen the same


Re: Ping Spajky

~misfit~ wrote:
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OK, it appears Spajky is no longer here or on hiatus. (Side note: I rarely
post here now as I have zero knowledge of the newer CPUs and no money to get
the knowledge first-hand. (Anyone want to donate a couple mobos and CPUs for
me to experiment with? <g>) I'm not about to start spouting what I've read
on websites, IMO, if you don't know first-hand then you're in no position to
give advice).

Anyway, it would seem that the problem isn't the IDE controllers it's
compatability issues with HDDs. I have a bunch of Seagates around 16 - 20 GB
that I've been putting three of in each machine and the BIOS/IDE controller
doesn't seem to like having two on the same controller. (Properly jumpered
and positioned on the cable). All drives tested with Seatools bootable CD
and come up fine. Just seems I'm limited to one per IDE channel. <shrug>
Even Win XP doesn't find them if the BIOS manages to detect the boot drive
but not the slave. However most common scenario is non-detection of both
drives resulting in a "No boot drive found" message.

Funny, you'd think drives from the same manufacturer would be fine together.

Hi to all the regs who I still recognize, (Phil, Wes, Michael...) although
the list is decreasing rapidly.

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