P5N-D and e8400 overclock help please...

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I have the Asus P5N-D mainboard and the e8400 (3.0GHz / 1333fsb) and
am having problems overclocking. Anyone here have that combo, and are
successful overclocking to 3.6GHz? I'm able to get it to boot at
3.6GHz (after some non-boot, restart issues) but when I run prime95 to
load test, it freezes the PC after about 2 minutes. I am running stock
cooling from the e8400 retail package. Here are my numbers:

vcore: 3.5v
HT: 1.4v
NB: 1.4v
SB: 1.6v

FSB: 1600
Memory: 800

Memory is Crucial Ballistix tracer (4x1GB) in all four slots


memory voltage:

multiplier for CPU: 9x

cpu thermal control: enabled
C1e: enabled
exec disable bit: enabled
vitalization: disabled
speedstep: enabled

So, the question is, what settings will get me a stable 3.6GHz on
stock cooling?

my temps for the core at this level are 45c at idle, and 62c at load
right before it freezes, so this doesn't seem to be TOO hot for what
I'm trying to do.

Do I lower the NB/SB/HT voltages? Raise them?

What is HT voltage anyway? is it the termination voltage I am reading
about. This board has different settings than what most other boards
have, so I'm kind of confused here.

Any help would be appreciated.



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