P5K-Deluxe how to flash BIOS

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I've been trying to flash the BIOS using the EZ-Flash inbuilt program
but I have a problem that it wont recognise my 1Gb flash drive (actually
its an MP3 player but is recognised just like a flash drive).

If I set it to be emulated as "floppy" or "forced FDD" then when I start
EZ-Flash the screen flashes about a dozen times and then a message
saying ti cant read the drive (only A: (real floppy drive) and B:
(emulated drive) are shown.

If I set emulation to hard disk then the screen flashes continuosly in
EZ-Flash (dont know for how long as I gave up after 2 minutes).

Any other emulation setting (CD or Auto) just results in no drive being
detected by EZ-Flash.

I would normally use a floppy disk but seing as the rom images for this
board are 2MB each I cant with this motherboard.

Im am loath to try the windows flasher as I know how often this program
fails and "bricks" motherboards.

I've tried the drive flashed as both FAT and as FAT32 but it makes no

Any ideas?

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