P4P800 , overclocking in general, and sound-card PCI Latency?

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 I've had good luck overclocking systems for quite a long time; mostly
reading what others do, and duplicating settings, although I don't
'really' know much about overclocking, other than keeping components
very cool(!).

 Right now I have an Asus P4P-800 (non 'deluxe' board, with 1019 bios)
P4-3.0GHz/800 CPU, (twin) 512MB Crucial DDR433 ram, Radeon X800Xt-AGP,
Antec 430W PS, and SBLive! sound card (on board sound-chip is

 After lots of testing (nasty 'torture-tests'), CPU and video is
running very stable.  

 With stock CPU/video fans (plus a new 3" circular hole on the side of
the case) and with an extra 2 exhaust fans, idle CPU/MB heat averages
28C, and 36/40C under ~extreme~ video/CPU stress (winter season
now, a hot summer might change things). I've even disabled cooling
methods, and have tested with very hot CPU/video temps, things still
work well.

 The CPU is now overclocked to 3.62Ghz (242 FSB overclock). Video-card
is a fairly safe overclock (stock 500-500, to 520-540), with CPU,
V-core and DDR-ram voltages increased slightly. I'm running the MB in
'Turbo' mode too, which does increase video frame-rate. I have not
touched custom settings for RAM/CPU, etc., all else is set to 'auto'.
I'm impressed with some of the Asus 'auto' settings, they seem to work
very well.

 The only problem left; occasionally I'll get an (SBLive!) PCI
sound-card freeze/lock-up (sound-loop), which halts the entire

 With a latency utility, I usually set adjustable latency settings as
fast a possible; currently 32ms for (AGP) video and (PCI) sound card.

 Is there any benefit to increasing sound-card latency, or other
latency settings, from 32ms, to 64 or 128ms(+), to eliminate
sound-card lockups? If so, why does an increase in latency help? Btw I
could also set other latency settings, but have not touched them.
 The CPU will O/C to 3.7Ghz, but video won't handle it (perhaps an
AGP/PCI. or 'other' latency problem too?).

 Otoh I'm quite happy with the O/C speeds, and really can't expect
'too' much more out of this older computer.  If increased latency
won't help with the video problem, I'll 'dial-down' O/C settings just
a bit.
 Thanks for any advice or info,  -JM

p.s. With Bios 'Turbo' mode disabled,  I still must run DDRram no
greater than 320Mhz.  I believe with Bios 'Turbo' setting enabled, DDR
frequency also runs at 320Mhz.    
I'd really like to run DDR-ram at stock 400Mhz setting again, but the
computer won't even boot. I know I'm pushing things, but is there a
way to run DDR ram at 400Mhz? I'd try 'incremental' increases but it's
probably not possible. The Bios has 3 manual settings for DDR; 266,
320 and 400Mhz.  

Re: P4P800 , overclocking in general, and sound-card PCI Latency?

JM wrote:
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If you're running the RAM at BIOS setting 320, this means it's at 40% of
your FSB (800). When you overclock your CPU, you also overclock the RAM. Y'r
CPU is overclocked from 3 GHz to 3.68 GHz, so your FSB is overclocked from
800 to 985 MHz. You're now running the RAM at 40% of 985MHz = 394 MHz, so,
quite close to yr original 400 MHz :-)

You can check the actual speed with Everest, or a similar program.

Re: P4P800 , overclocking in general, and sound-card PCI Latency?

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Oh my goodness you're a genius! :)

 I never would have guessed overclocking the FSB also increases RAM
frequency, but your math proves it. No wonder my computer 'gagged'
when manually trying to run RAM at 400MHz.

 Thanks for mentioning a util to check RAM frequency/speed, etc. This
looks very useful for overclocking and other things.  I found my RAM
speed under 'Memory Latency' benchmark test.

 For sound-card lockups/freezes; I've moved my sound-card from lowest
PCI slot, up to PCI slot-2, which is where a lot of cool air is
flowing. Not enough testing yet but it 'seems' to be more stable so

Re: P4P800 , overclocking in general, and sound-card PCI Latency?

JM wrote:
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That's good to know :-) Thanks for the compliment, and good luck on yr
future projects...


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