P4 overclocked

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We're talkin about Northwood 2.8c (800 BUS), MBO Asus P4C800-e deluxe  
and 2x512MB Kingmax Hardcore DDR466

On 3.43 (FSB 245) it works fine, voltage is on defalt, both CPU and RAM  
(timings 3:4:4:8)

Clocked to 3.56 works decent... ok... (had to reinstall XP), CPU  
vCore:1.575, RAM: 2.75... maybe a bit unstabile

I'm just interested in voltage... how should they be set? Are they too  
high, too low? How high did u go with your northwood?? Can I go higher?

Re: P4 overclocked

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This might be a dumb question, on that risk, I'll ask anyway.  I've read
times now that Windows XP needed to be reinstalled.  Why is that?

Why does the operating system need to be re-installed?  I know there must be
a good reason, but I'm clueless what it could be.


Robert Miller

Re: P4 overclocked

On Sat, 12 Mar 2005 08:12:57 -0500, "Robert Miller"

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I've (almost) never had to reinstall an OS when overclocking.  The
time I did, I was pushing an Abit BF6 with a PIII-1000 (100FSB) at 143
FSB which put the PCI bus at 46 Mhz..  The HD controller (Promise
ATA100) didn't care for that and scrambled some bits after a while and
it wouldn't boot.  Oh, that was Windows 2000 at that time.  I've since
upgraded (???) to XP Pro.

My last adventure awapped out the BF6 setup for an Abit AI7, Northwood
2.8, a new 600 vid card and a gig of Ballistix Ram.  The only thing I
had to do before the hardware change was set the display to standard
VGA before I shut it down for the re-work.

Booted right up when it was all put together and all I had to do was
install divers for video, chipset etc..  Running at 3.5Ghz right now
with no problems.  (250/250)

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