P4 800FSB choice for Corsair VS RAM?

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I've posted a few questions previously having to do with a possible
processor/RAM upgrade for my Asus P4P800 Deluxe mobo currently running a P4
2.2ghz 400fsb with 1gig of Crucial PC2100 in 2 sticks at a slight overclock.
I appreciate all the former suggestions.

Yesterday, while I'm visiting family in Southern California, I stumbled onto
a deal at a local Frys store that seemed too good to pass up on; it was on
Corsair Value Select RAM, PC3200, model #/type VS512MB500 -- I believe this
is Cas 2.5 stuff.  The price, after rebates and sales tax will end up being
$130 for a gig as 2 sticks of 512MB.  In order to do this I had to buy 1 of
the sticks and a relative bought another so dealing with the purchases and
the rebates will be a slight PITA, but I digress.

Presumably this stuff is not hugely overclockable, but then with a gig of
branded DDR 400 RAM for $130, one can't be toooooooo picky.

I'm going to order a fsb800 P4 processor to go with it; most rational
bang-for-buck choices seem to me to be either the 2.6 or the 2.8GHz.
versions.  The 2.4 GHz P4 costs about the same as the 2.6 from what I can

Firstly, which of these processors would you get with this RAM, and
secondly, what would be your expectations and/or strategy in trying to
modestly overclock them with stability and stock cooling in a
well-ventilated Aspire X-Alian case that has 6 case fans?

Any suggestions will be hugely appreciated!!!!!



Re: P4 800FSB choice for Corsair VS RAM?

skid, ive got a few questions for you

i have an  asus p4u800 motherboard

intel p4 (northwood) mpga-478 2.8GHZ FSB 53

ive used cpu-z to see what my clock speed is running at and it tell

me, my multiplier is x21.0 and fsb 133.3MHZ and buss speed a

im using the value select corsair vs512mb400

so i take it this is running in single channel mode. and if i adde

the same module again. this will run in dual channel mode and the
run at the FSB of 400MHZ ??

also will i be able to over clock the machine at this point

if so what could i get out of it

also i have 2 memory sticks as the following

crucial 512MB, DDR 333 - CT6464Z335.16T     1
Winbond 512MB DDR 333 - w942508ch-6         1

is this package over clockable? if so! what could i be looking at

and would it be worth sticking to this or buying another cosair stc

and over clocking that instead

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