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I've had this processor for a while now, its the one with G0 stepping so  
overclockable.  It used to run it fine at v1.40 core voltage at 3.2ghz by  
having a 400 fsb and 8 multiplyer, it passed Prime 95 for 2 hours but I  
noticed the PSU got very hot, so I decided to just run it at stock.  It was  
just a cheap 550w PSU.

Recently I bought a branded 700w PSU, it doesn't hardly get warm.  Around  
the same time I replaced the northbridge heatsink with a different branded  
heatsink for overclocking, as the stock one was getting very hot at 400 fsb,  
this one hardly gets warm.  I also used some differant thermal paste on the  

I've found out by looking at CPU temps that the thermal paste is rubbish,  
its hotter now than it was before, it was very old and gloopy and I probably  
put way too much on.

I also put 4gb (1gb sticks) of memory in, I saved them from an old computer.

Anyway running prime 95 it would lock up windows at stock CPU settings, I  
also ran memtest and it crashed after 11mins, no errors detected, just  
locked up.  So I thought it must be the memory, I took out 2 sticks and  
tried Prime95, it got to the second test, so I took out those 2 and tested  
the other 2 and it passed too.  Then I tried some OCZ (other brand is  
kingston value) it gets to the second test too.  So I thought maybe it just  
doesnt like 4gb, I guess I can live with 2gb.

Then I try it at 400fsb and 3.2ghz and it freezes up again soon after  
starting the test, then I just came back down to stock again ran the test  
again, and after it gets to test 3 it freezes up.

I use Core Temp 0.99.3 to measure the temp, at stock it goes up to about 53c  
and overclocked to 61c, quite high but it is with this rubbish thermal  
paste.  Could this cause the computer to freeze?

I have no temp warnings set on the motherboard, so I doubt this is a  
motherboard feature that stops the CPU from overheating.   I'm now using the  
memory I have been using since I made this computer (OCZ), when Prime95 was  
working fine, so maybe its not the memory, but I'll give it a memtest  

I've played games and encoded a 2 pass xvid for over an hour (at stock) and  
it didn't lock up but even the encoding doesnt get close to 100% load on 4  

Sorry if its a bit confusing!  

Re: Overclocking Q6600

Random wrote:

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My Q6600 G0 didn't like over 333 MHz in two different motherboards that
run my E6400 at 8 x 440.  There's a lot of current flowing at a low voltage,
and a substantial voltage drop under load is very common.  Frequently, four
sticks of RAM often won't run as fast as two.  Also, I have had two sticks of
RAM go bad on me with this setup.  Checking your memory with a lowered
multiplier, are we, hmm?  

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