Overclocking hypertransport?

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Quick question from someone who hasn't overclocked in years-- I just overclocked
my new AMD X2 5050e from 200x13 2.6 GHz to 220x13 2.86 GHz, getting my DDR2 800
at the proper speed of 400 (well, a bit over) instead of the 371 it was running
at.  But my hypertransport bus is now pushed to 1100 MHz instead of 1000 MHz.
Is that okay?  System seems stable so far (after an hour or two).


Re: Overclocking hypertransport?

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It should be fine as long as it is stable and you don't see any  
extraordinarily high temperatures. Running a couple of instances of Orthos  
for a few hours should give you some idea about stability. In your case, I  
would run it on the 'blend' setting which stresses ram and cpu equally.


Re: Overclocking hypertransport?

I agree with the last poster. Also to note Hyper Transport maxing out is
usually determined by the motherboard, that is your manufacturer should
have stated the HT capabilities like HT 1.0, HT 2.0, or HT 3.0. From
this you can determine what is the max HT you can use since it
technically isn't software or OS dependent. Nowadays HT go up to, or
higher in some cases, 2000MHz.

Re: Overclocking hypertransport?

phaedrus06 wrote:
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Hello, again.  Apparently, you are new to Usenet.  It is common practice  
to quote the person(s) you are responding to, as you'll note Ed did when  
replying to Darren.  This should give you a more complete explanation:  


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