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Im a little used to overclocking , i use evga precision to accelerate my
gpu a little and i find it very simple

But overclocking a cpu is much different , i heard that the only way to
overclock a cpu on a 775 motherboard is through the bios

Is there an easier way tho ?
something like intel precision " tho it doesnt exist " but a program
that can measure your cpu temps and gives you the option to overclock it

im really not planning to do it through the bios because i cant really
tell if i will risk frying my cpu

Intel Dual core e7500 2.93 ghz
I would like to pull it up to 3.2 ghz

Re: Overclocking Cpu

You can bump the CPU up to 3.0Ghz by setting the FSB to 273Mhz. I would
not recommend going beyond 3.0Ghz, unless you change the stock
heatsink/fan to something beefier.

Re: Overclocking Cpu

okay thank you

Re: Overclocking Cpu

PcGAmeR22;1324825 Wrote:
> will it make a noticeable difference for gaming ?

I doubt it.

The best you can probably do safely on that CPU is ~3.8Ghz, which will
give ya a bit of a boost. But again I wouldn't try it with a stock

Re: Overclocking Cpu

will it make a noticeable difference for gaming ?

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