OverClocking Asus P5WD2-E Premium & Intel D 805

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Like a lot of people, I got all exited after reading the following
article from tom's hardware:

http://www.tomshardware.com/2006/05/10/dual_41_ghz_cores /

I was about to buy a new computer when I read that article. So I
decided to buy about the same computer they used to make this article.

Asus P5WD2-E Premium
Intel Pentium D 805
OCZ DDR PC-4000 500MHz  2x512MB Dual Channel / Platinum Edition
ATI X850 XT Platinum Edition
2 X 250 GB Western Digital 16MB (RAID0)

And for the cooling I bough the nice Zalman RESERATOR 1 Plus.

So after building the computer I started by testing the stability of
the system at the default settings. It running very smooth and without
any problem even after 5 3DMark runs and a full night of torture test
from prime95.

So I started overclocking. I used prime95, PCProbe from asus and 3dmark
the newest version.

So finally, I realized that Reserator 1 plus is not as great as it
look. At 200 MHz 4.00 GHz the CPU temperature was at 95 C during the
3Dmark and the application crashed during the CPU test. With that
temperature, raising the VCORE voltage is not an option to gain

I tried at 190 MHz 3.80 GHz and the problem was still the same...

I then tried at 180 MHz 3.60 GHz. The temperature was not a problem
anymore at that frequency. But during the 3DMark, it was still crashing
at the CPU test. I decided to raise the VCORE voltage notch by notch.
But that did make any difference. The default VCORE for this CPU is
1.3375. I raised the VCORE up to 1.5 and it was still crashing. I then
tried to raise the Memory voltage. The default voltage for the memory
is 1.8. I tried up to 1.9 and it was still crashing.

So I decided to try at 170 MHz 3.40 GHz. It was still crashing during
the 3DMark test. I tried the same procedure with the Voltage once again
at that frequency. But the results were the same...

The system look very unstable to me...

But all the hardware I got in that box is recommended for high OC.

If anyone has any suggestion, I would strongly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

PS: sorry for my bad English, my first official language is French.

Re: OverClocking Asus P5WD2-E Premium & Intel D 805

I'm sorry the ram is
OCZ OCZ2P8001GK 1GB Kit DDR2-800 PC2-6400 Enhanced Latency
Platinum XTC Edition Dual Channel Memory 85217
And the power supply is
CoolerMaster Real Power 550W

Which mean that I should be able to overclock the CPU up to 200 x 20
for memory frequency of 200 x 4 (800MHz) without any lack of memory

But yesthurday I tryed overclocking step by step from the default 133 x
20 ( 2.66Ghz ). I succeed to OC up to 170 x 20 ( 1.4Ghz) without any
problem. Pass that point, 3dmark was starting to crash. Raising the
VCore or the memory voltage didn't change anything...

Any suggestion?


Re: OverClocking Asus P5WD2-E Premium & Intel D 805

I tried the D805, highest I could get is 3.31GHz.
The D 805 also restricts the memory speed on some motherboards
Heat was not to much of a problem once I installed a Artic Cooling Pro 7
Except on hot days, I sold it after 5 weeks
There was a huge price drop this week on CPUs
Any chance you could return the D 805 and get an Intel 900 series dual core?
The 900 series have twice the level 2 cache as the 800.
And use less electricity.

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Re: OverClocking Asus P5WD2-E Premium & Intel D 805

Yeah, it might be a good ideal for me to get that D 900. But first, i'm
going to try reinstalling my CPU water block. I think I have put way to
much thermal compound. That would explane why I get a very high temp.
With a lower temp, I will see if I can get a stable OC at 3.8Ghz. If I
can get that, I'll probably keep the D805 for while. In other case I
might get one of those Conroe. That should bring down the electricity
bill. : )

Thanks for the reply

Re: OverClocking Asus P5WD2-E Premium & Intel D 805

I would be really surprised if the problem was too much thermal compound,
excess would normally just be pushed out to the sides.
I use Artic Silver 5 myself.

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Re: OverClocking Asus P5WD2-E Premium & Intel D 805

I just reinstalled the CPU and VGU water blocs yesturday. I used artic
silver 5 and I used these instruction


and it really make a big difference.

My idle temp went from 48 to 43. And the full load temp went from 77 to
68 and that is before the burn-in effect of the artic silver 5. So I
expect the temp drop even more later after the burn-in is done.

So I will try ocing from 3.4Ghz in about 2 week.

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