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Is it possible to overclock the CPU of a pre-made computer?
Cos I know you can if you build it yourself (don't know how to but
If it is possible, how do i do it and by how much? (I have an Intel
Celeron D CPU at 3.46GHz)
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Re: Overclocking...

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I wouldn't even bother attempting it!  Even if you find options in the BIOS
to overclock the processor, you wouldn't notice any speed improvements.

Re: Overclocking...

Chris wrote:
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To expand on that a bit, when you have a large ratio between the core speed,
and the FSB transfer rate, the processor tends to "starve" due to the
relatively low data rate it can manage. If a computer program is small
enough for the key code to stay in instruction cache, then a program will
run faster and get a benefit. But generally speaking, programs do have some
dependence on transfers across the FSB, while they are running. And some programs
are even more demanding than average, like Photoshop. So if you speeded up that
processor, and tried to process large images in Photoshop, it would likely
not scale up by the ratio of clock speed improvements.

There are thousands of different models of clock generator chips, and the
available overclocking tools only know how to talk to a limited number
of those chips (a few dozen in fact).

On some processors, you could try a BSEL hack, but in the case of that
3.46GHz processor, the attempted run speed would be 5.19GHz or so with
that method (changing from FSB533 to FSB800). A few people listed in this
thread, have achieved 5GHz or higher, but it could be that they were using
dry ice, liquid nitrogen, or phase change (refrigerator) cooling methods.
They probably needed to change their Vcore a bit, and that would be another
adjustment that would be missing from your BIOS. So certainly it is possible
to do more than 5GHz, just not likely to happen while inside a Dell.

World Record Database (note, there are other sites that have these as well)


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