Overclocked 2600+ memory question

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I recently overclocked my 2600+ to run at 11x200 mhz.

Initialy I had 512mb, generic 3200 DDR ram running at 200 mhz and the
timings are cl 3,3,3,8.

I bought 2 matching 512mb GEIL pc 3200 DDR ram.  On the ram it says cl
2.5,3,3,6 so I am running at those speed dual channel.

My question is if I put my old generic ram in the comp along with the
dual channel setup, would it still be running dual channel?  Also
because of the slower speed of the generic ram I don't think I can run
it at the fater timings.  Is the speed slow down worth the extra 512mb?


Re: Overclocked 2600+ memory question

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I understand you have to have the same amount in slot 3 and slot 1+2,
like 512 and 256+256 for full dual channel. Don't know about this
setup, but Googel a bit, lots of info about this.

Boyd Noorda

Re: Overclocked 2600+ memory question

I have googled about this and was not able to find anything helpful.  I am
in the same situation with one exception.  The other stick of ram (512mb)
that I have is PC2700 which with run at PC3200.  I was using it before I
bought the matched 256mb sticks of  pc4000 ram.  I would like to know if the
dual channel will still run if I put in the old stick along side.


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Re: Overclocked 2600+ memory question

I had difficulty doing what you have just said..and i was OCZ ram...I
replaced $600 CDN worth of OCZ ram with Corsair PC3200C2PT-2x512..$300...and
achieved what I had wanted out of OCZ..find 2 matched sticks and sell what
you have..the results will pay off.
I can achieve a 230 mhz ram oc..where as before could not beat 205.Just my 2
cents worth

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