overclockable pre-made PC?

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Are there any pre-built PCs that are as cheap as Dells but are easily

Re: overclockable pre-made PC?

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cheap as dell?

i didnt think cheap, and dell could be said in the same sentance.....

anyway to answer your question... yes and no...some prebuilt systems come
with big coolers, and nicely managed cases... others come with tiny
heatsinks that can barely remove the heat of the CPU at standard.

then you also have to remember that some prebuilt systems (particaly dell)
have non-standard BIOS's and have no overclocking options at all.

I know about 6 years ago i used softFSB to overclock a bunch (24x) of
prebuilt pcs that have no bios options. They worked fine, apart from the
added heat put into the room made everyone else complain ;-)

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