Overclock E4300 with Asus P5W

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I知 looking for some advise on over clocking my machine.  I have the

Asus P5W DH Deluxe motherboard
Core 2 Due E4300 CPU (stock cooler)
2x Corsair 1Gb PC6400 Dominator RAM (4-4-4-12)
Corsair 520W modular PSU
Aspire X-Plorer Case

When I知 in the BIOS I can change the CPU frequency from the default
200Mhz but don稚 see anywhere to raise the FSB.  I assume that changing
this affects the FSB, but in what way?  The CPU multiplier is set to x
9, so I can see how this will raise performance but how does increasing
the CPU frequency change the FSB?  Silly question I know.

When I run PC Probe once my machine has been on for a while it reports
my CPU temperature as about 25 degrees and the motherboard at about 45
degrees.  Does this seem right for an system that痴 not been over
clocked?  The software reports the motherboard temperature as being too
high.Looking at the temperatures I壇 have thought the CPU would have
been higher.

Any suggestions or good links to the best way to over clock my

I知 not sure about what settings I should or shouldn稚 enable in the
BIOS or what memory settings I should use for instance.


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