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This is 100% off topic, but I couldn't resist a post about my new toy -
I don't spend all my time modifying P2B-series motherboards, honest :-)

The new toy is an interface cable and diagnostic software for my car, a
1998 VW Jetta TDI - same vintage as my motherboards, it was a very good
year :-)

This tool allows me to log engine management data while driving, and
later import it into excel for graphing and analysis. I had time to try
it out today, and have posted the graphs on my site:


Wondering why the RPM numbers are so puny? TDI means it's a turbo diesel
engine with direct injection - power and economy at low revs :-)



Re: OT: P2B's new toy

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Guess you are trying to match this guy ?

http://www.geocities.com/tech4tdi /

We want to see some overclocking results :-)


Re: P2B's new toy

I used to have an Asus P2B  ...had a PII 350 (slot a SECC??) on it, could
never afford the higher model.
Anyway, ...I'm more interested in the interface for the car, can I get one
for my '99 Honda Civic ?
...didn't know there was such a thing for the home user, if it needed it I
thought you had to take it to a Honda dealer to be hooked up to their
thousands of pounds worth of diagnostic equipment !!

regards, richard

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Re: P2B's new toy

RJK wrote:
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Sorry for the delay in replying, I was away for a couple of weeks...

You can certainly purchase a generic OBD-II scan tool for use with your
Honda, but I'm not sure what (if any) Honda-specific value added
software might be available. Here's a good place to start your research:

http://www.obdii.com /


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Re: P2B's new toy

Thanx P2B, very interesting !

regards, Richard

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