OT: Neon base for PC tower??

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I read a review for my Coolermaster Centurion case recently, and I can't
find the particular site again.

During the review, they put in the Coolermaster Musketeer, a neon blue LED
mouse pad was used too....*and* they had this 'base' for a PC tower, that
you stand the tower on - and it has a neon blue LED strip round the edge of
the 'base' - it's this item I'm trying to find the name of and the
manufacturer/supplier. If anyone could tell me the name of the product, or a
link to a site with it (pref UK), that would be great.

I ask here because it's a group likely to be partially populated with people
who mod their cases, and would perhaps have come across this item on their
online shopping trips. Sorry for the OT post though. :)

Thanks for any forthcoming help.

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