OC'ing GPU Cooler for 6800GS

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Would would you guys reccommend for a GPU cooler to fit a GeForce
6800GS to get the best results while overclocking?

I was thinking of probably an NV Silencer due to the fact that I've
heard of them :P. Unfortunately all I know about them is that they cool
well and are incredibly silent. Unfortunately, noise means nothing to
me; all I care about is performance. Having said that I was thinking
about a VF700-CU.

So anyway, what's everyone else's opinion?

Thanks and regards, Jonnie

Re: OC'ing GPU Cooler for 6800GS

Well after a bit of searching I fond this image:

(From  http://www.pureoverclock.com/article28-5.html )

Essentially, it shows the NV5 outperforming the Zalman, however, those
were only two of the coolers I was considering - are there better ones
out there?

Re: OC'ing GPU Cooler for 6800GS

legendof.jonnie@gmail.com wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it



It cooled my Ati9700 so well I could OC it from 275 to 370...


Re: OC'ing GPU Cooler for 6800GS

Heh, I wish I could WC this one!

Needs to be air for my LAN rig though...

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