oc'ing a DFI

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I've been overclocking for years and I've just moved from a ABIT 3rd eye to
a DFI SLI-D board and I'm having a few issues with over clocking, on the
Abit board I kranked the FSB upto 250, multi down to 9 and LDT to x4... all
was well, if I do that on the DFI it fails to post.

Any ideas... havent got the patience at the moment to go through every
setting as I want to play...

any one know of a guide for overclocking this board? it doenst help when
they change abreviations or names between generations :(

system is .. DFI SLI-D (latest release BIOS)
2 x Ballistix 4000 512Mb
2 x Ballistix Tracer 4000 512Mb
Xp64 3200
Gforce 6800GT
SndBlaster X-FI
2 X WD 200Gig HDD in RAID 0
Water cooling with 1 X 120mm RAD and 1 X 3x120mm RAD
PSU Tagan 530W
Idle temps approx 24'C

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