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I have graphic card Nvidia GF 4200 from Microstar and I am looking
information about overclocking this card. Can anybody tell me what will
be the higest safe values of memory and chipset frequency or where can I
  find such information ?
Sorry for my bad english.

Re: Nvidia GF 4200

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Try it and see, basically.

Safe memory speed will depend on what memory chips are in your card.  Have a
look at the chips on the card itself.  If the memory is rated at 3.6ns, for
example, it will be safe up to at least a rated 275Mhz (550DDR)  if it is
rated at 4.0ns, 250(500DDR) and so on.

This link will give you an idea of what frequency certain memories can do.

You are usually OK to push slightly higher than the rated speed, however
your success will vary. Example, my own 4200Ti has 3.3ns memory, which is
rated up to 300Mhz(600DDR). However, I find it is ok up to 320(640)Mhz or so
without any problems.

As for core speed, again there is no set limit. This depends on the quality
of the core and the quality of the cooling.

My own 4200Ti will hit 315Mhz happily with an artic cooler upon it.

However, an old 4200Ti I had wouldn`t go above 275Mhz no matter what I
tried.  Again, push it up 5Mhz or so at a time and see how you go.

Finally, your English is a lot better than some folk I know who were born
here in England. :o)

Loz H

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