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My notebook ASUS A2500H with P4 has a CPU temperature of 54C / 129F with the
fan turning at 2600 RPM when idle and easily reaches 60-65C / 140-149F
during normal usage.
During hard computation it reaches 70C / 158F with fan at 3300 RPM.

Do you think it overheats or it's normal for a notebook with a P4 to behave
like this?

Note: the fan is clean and properly working


Re: Notebook ASUS A2500H P4

Yes, however...
o P4 laptops use a heatpipe & copper-fin radiator at the exhaust
o Radiator fin spacing is small -- so dust mats, restricting airflow
o Intake grill & fan intake is restrictive -- so dust mats, restricting airflow
o In either situation the result is elevated temperature &/or fan speed

On some laptops the dust matting is predominantly on the intake side
of the fan, behind the intake dust grill on the bottom of the laptop. This
makes it difficult to clean, but a light vacuum & needle can tease it out.

The difference before/after cleaning can be appreciable.

P4s have high thermal dissipation & high idle thermal dissipation,
in a laptop that translates into high operating temps than desktops.

Laptops are specifically designed for very high temperatures - eg, 90oC.
Note that does /not/ translate into very high temperature ambient usage,
on the contrary laptops typically specify a 35oC limit & desktops 45-50oC.

Realise most hot summers & your lap are above 35oC, hence the need to
ensure adequate airflow around a laptop not just re intake but GPU/RAM.
Raising a laptop by a laptop cooler or simple stand is very useful, and a
laptop should always be on a mat if it is placed on your lap re cooling.

This applies for HD cooling too - many laptop designs may idle the laptop at
37-42-43-45oC, however under a long anti-virus scan it can top 58-63-65oC.
HDDTemp is a utility that can retrieve S.M.A.R.T. temp data from HDs.

Note solar gain can be as high as 17oC re effective operating temperature,
so avoid operating a laptop in direct summer sun - it does not help longevity.

So yes, laptops will run very hot - even the P-M runs at high temps.
However the latest laptops run very high heatsink fin density which in turn
will result in very easy clogging - under 6 months in a carpetted room. This
will eventually cause the fan to remain on high-speed, then overheat.

So keeping a laptop clean helps - same with desktop skived copper heatsinks.
Dorothy Bradbury for quiet NMB & Panaflo (NMB-MAT) fans

Re: Notebook ASUS A2500H P4

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thanks a lot, you've been exhaustive

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