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I have previously had a couple of AMD PC's which I toyed with, an Opteron144
(ran at 2.6GHz) and an FX55 (which just wouldn't run  above 2.6GHz), and I
decided to try an Intel based system.  I bought an Asus Striker Extreme mobo
and Q6600 (been assured it ran at 3.5GHz on air in a P5K board) with a
Freezer 7 Pro cooler and 2 Gig of DDR2 800 ram (Corsair PC6400 TwinX).  I
bought this mobo because it was an ROG  board and thought it would overclock
with ease.  How wrong I was.  I tried upping the memory, FSB and vcore
voltages but it all still fails above 2.8GHz.  I so wanted a 3GHz System for
gaming etc....  My vista score is 5.3 because of my slow Hitachi 500GB SATA
hard drive but memory is good for 5.8 (915 MHz overclock at standard

How do I figure out What is holding me back?  The CPU goes to 2.8GHz at
standard voltage but no higher (except temp) when I increase vcore!  Even
after lowering the memory ratio and increasing the FSB the whole lot bogs
down. Is it a dud board or bad BIOS version (1305) for overclocking.  I
thought spending extra on the mobo would mean better overclocking than a p35
Gigabyte or the likes.



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I have a Q6600 running on a aBit IP35 Pro mobo at 3.24GHz with a Freezer
7Pto.. no voltage increase etc. So it is acheivable.

The fact that your chip ran to 3.5 on another board makes me think it is
something on your mobo that is failing rather than the chip... Have you
locked the PCI and PCIE busses to fixed frequencies etc? Usually these are
set to multiples of the FSB but if you overclock they need to be fixed to
standard speeds.


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Re: noobie o/c'ing

Somewhere on teh intarweb "Dumbo" typed:
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P35 is the best chipset for overclocking Intel CPUs. Check all the 'world
records' and see what chipset they use....

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