new to overclocking need advice

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I recently purchased a pentium 4. 2.54 with two sticks of 333 RAM.  I have
an ASUS MOBO.   My MOBO seems to be working at 133 mhz. (i think).  I have
soft BIOS settings that will allow me to override, but I dont want to do it
without knowing how.

Can my puter be overclocked and would some one be kind enough to tell me

Robby. (newguy)

Re: new to overclocking need advice

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Yeah, it will be, and your CPU is really a 2.53, FWIW ;)

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Have a good read of the group and you'll get answers to all the common
questions. Suffice to say that the only way to overclock your processor is
to raise the front side bus speed from its current 133MHz to something
higher, but when you do so the chance in speed also knocks on to other
things so you need to know a little about what you're doing before diving

Asus boards are very common and the basic info you need is already going to
be in the group somewhere, so have a good scroll down first and see what you
come up with, then fire away with any more specific questions you've got, or
any issues you can't find covered


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Re: new to overclocking need advice

Robert Knihnicki wrote:
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Exactly what mainboard do you have? The main thing is to make the FSB run a
bit higher, for example from 133 to 135, 138, 141, 150, until your PC stops
to being stable. To measure staboility run a program like Prime95.

To achieve the higher FSB you have to play with your memory a bit. It's 166
MHz (333 DDR), so if the ratio between the memory and the board is 1:1, it
might be possible to achieve 166 MHz, (CPU running 2533 / 133 * 166 = 3161)
if you have a good CPU. If needed, up the voltage a bit (maximum 0.15 volts)
and also keep temperatures in check...


PS If this post goes somewhere it shouldnt, I'm sorry, I had problems
replying to the original post...

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