never overclocked before

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I don't want to fry my system, but I just threw together some older
parts and would like to try overclocking, a little. I have

Abit kd7 raid
amd athlon 2600+ 2.13Ghz
Windows XP
300w psu
768 Ram pc2100
Nvidia FX 5200 128mgb

I would just like to play BF2, HL2, Far Cry, with a little better
performance, can't really get into any newer hardware right now. I
know this mobo has the soft menu feature, but I am not sure what to
adjust and to what level would be stable/safer.

Any suggestions?

Re: never overclocked before

try asking in the "overclocking amd" section. im only good
with intel.

Re: never overclocked before

Games a decent resolutions are generally GPU constrained not CPU
constrained.  Therefore, you might want to look into getting a new graphics
card or into overclocking you current graphics card.

---Matthew Hicks

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Re: never overclocked before

takoma wrote:
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That vid card is so slow, it'll be the limiting factor in yr system.
Overclocking CPU and memory can gain you a very veyr little bit. Try to
overclock the video, that might help a bit. Is de card actively cooled?

Grtz, Thomas.

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